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Radio Shoutcast

We offer you the perfect solution ! No hidden costs, no activation fee. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !
CoreShells offers radio hosting solutions at affordable prices. Be Dj with only 6,99 $ !

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- User Friendly
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cPanel allows domain owners to manage and monitor their website. This easy to use interface is packed full of useful features. Inside cPanel domain owners can manage email and ftp accounts, view site statistics, manage addon and parked domains, manage their files, backup their site, and more.
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Radio I
Radio II
$ 9.99/mo
Radio III
$ 18.99/mo
Radio IV
$ 34.99/mo
  Listeners limit 50 100 200 500
  AutoDJ Storage 1GB 2GB 5GB 10GB
  Bitrate 64 kbps 96 kbps 128 kbps 224 kbps
  Free AAC+ Player
  Free Dedicated IP
  Free Domain Name
  Port Speed 1000mbps 1000mbps 1000mbps 1000mbps
  Control Panel cPanel+WHM Sonic cPanel+WHM Sonic cPanel+WHM Sonic cPanel+WHM Sonic
  Web FTP
  Protective Features        
  DDoS Protection
  99.5% Uptime Guarantee
  30 day money back Guarantee

Automatic Site Backup
(additional charges will apply)

Monthly Weekly Weekly Weekly
  Pricing Structure        
  Base Monthly Fee $ 6.99 $ 9.99 $ 18.99 $ 34.99
  12 Months (1 year) $ 80.90 $ 99.99 $ 211.99 $ 399.90
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Radio aacPlus HD

cPanel / aacPlus / HD



Emite MP3 / AAC+
MP3 / AAC+
Domeniu Gratuit
Free Domain
Subdomeniu bollym4u.in Gratuit
Free Subdomain bollym4u.in


cPanel WHM Sonic We offer free license for cPanel WHM Sonic, most powerful cPanel in the Shoutcast field
Powerful and flexible, high quality graphics, SHOUTcast panel intuitive use your WHMSonic. You don't need to worry about configuration of Shoutcast, we have a very user friendly control panel for Shoutcast. cPanel with WHMSonic ShoutCast Admin Pro. Support for WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Real Media Player listener

WHMSonic AutoDJ (Stream 24/7) is a tool that allows you to set automatic Deejay, broadcast 24/7. AutoDJ Plays MP3, Automix, shuffle and playlist features. AutoDJ is useful when real DJ is on the air.

Graphical Statistics, Live Statistics & Charts You will have advanced graphical statistics. WHMSonic has different graphical statistics, all of them are live and available for you and for your clients on all interfaces. WHMSonic shows statistics about radios and listeners including the playing song and many other information on charts and google maps. Graphical Listeners Statistics: Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly on advanced charts.
Live Listener & Radio Statistics: This feature is for online radios, it shows up to 20 last played songs including, now playing song name, online listeners, radio details and many other details online.
Listeners on Google Map: This feature shows radio listeners on Google Maps with geographical location with a full screen focusing including country and city of the listener. It also has other details of listeners such as the program they listen the radio with, country flag and many more. Click here to see a screen image of this feature

AAC+ Player Easy to integrate into your page's site, AAC + allows playback of high quality using low bandwidth as AAC + stream requires less than half the bandwidth of a stream MP3 for listening equivalent quality. Take account information and analyzes radio last 10 pieces. Social buttons (facebook, twitter) and contact form for feedback from listeners. Link to the page that tracks the Amazon store. intuitive interface

Shoutcast Stats complete script for radio account statistics. It can be integrated easily and AAC + Player.


cPanel WHM Sonic


Unlimited Bandwidth


Radio Stream

We offer free license for cPanel WHM Sonic, most powerful cPanel in the Shoutcast field. Auto DJ, Graphical Statistics, Player AAC+/MP3, Filter HD, Emisie MP3 / AAC+, Forward DNS

Many providers offer unlimited traffic, but forget to specify the real internet access speed, we guarantee a minimum internet speed of 30 Mbps and 1000 Mbps Metropolitan.

Basically, radio streaming shows the quality of the Internet access provided by a hosting company. For this reason, you will find this service available at only few competitors


1000 Mbps Network


99.9% Uptime


DDoS Protection

We guarantee Internet speed for each radio hosting account. Interconnections with all major providers in Romania, Free Anti Flood protection, firewall Cisco DDOS

99.9% Guaranteed minimum SLA
This is possible due to redundant internet connections and hardware infrastructure of Cisco equipment made only from last generation

CoreShells provide free anti-flood protection, which gives you the guarantee that your hosting is protected against flooding-type attacks (DDoS)