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Server Management

CoreShells has extensive experience in server management both for Linux and Windows based servers. We have years of experience of operating managed services for a number of organizations. 

Our services can be tailored according to a number of solutions and our expertise include managing and securing;

  • High Bandwidth websites
  • Wordpress, Joomla and a number of other open source CMS systems
  • Shopping carts including XEN, CS and Xcart
Some of our services include;
  • Server OS Hardening
  • Webserver Hardening
  • PHP core Security hardening
  • implementation of webserver security including PHP mod_security
  • Server vulnerability scanning
  • Front end content cache solutions including light speed, nginx and varnish proxies
  • Backup services
  • Server monitoring services
  • Resource usage analysis and recommendations
  • Implementation of firewalls and custom rules
Wordpress Services

CoreShells has a vast experience in managing wordpress based sites. Solutions include wordpress security, scalability and high availability solutions and optimization.

Packages start from
$29.00/month for cPanel servers
$49.00/month for Windows servers
No Setup Fee, No Contract, No Additional Fees, No Hidden Fees

Contact our sales department to signup for this service.