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IRC Reseller Solutions

Our IRC Unix Shell accounts have everything you need to protect and help manage your IRC channels and keep yourself safe. We have made a reputable name in providing solid stable and reliable unix irc shell accounts for bnc, psybnc, eggdrops etc...  for our customers. We have shell servers in multiple data centers. You wont need anything but CoreShells. You can use your irc unix shell account from CoreShells for bnc shell hosting, eggdrop hosting, psybnc shell hosting, screen, bitchx, irssi, etc.. Switch to CoreShells today and consolidate your shell bills into one place and save money. We are the largest providers of IRC allowed Unix shell account in existence today. Signup now and find out why. All shell accounts come with un-metered transfer.

CoreShells offers one of the largest selections of vhosts. We have lot of amusing public vhosts prepared using over 300 domain names. Additionally, you may order custom vhost or private vhost names if available which can be crated either by using our domains or your own domain, not only this if you update nameservers of your domain to our name servers we can give you access to your domain dns through our DNS control panel.

Click Here to check the list of domains available with us for vhosts. All our vhosts have been made using them and they can be even used for custom vhost or private vhosts as well.

Our IRC Unix Shell Accounts have all the popular programs already pre-installed for you. Programs such as pine, BitchX, screen, lynx, psybnc, bnc, eggdrop, irssi etc... are easily accessible from our shell accounts. Please select a plan that best suites your needs below.

- Powerful
- User Friendly
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Reseller I
Reseller II
Reseller III
Reseller Custom
  Background Processes 35 70 100 Custom
  IRC Connection 35 70 100 Custom
  Reseller Users 35 70 100 Custom
  Personal Vhosts 5 10 20 Custom
  Port Speed 100mbps 100mbps 100mbps 100mbps
  SSH Access
  Free Web Hosting Standard Plan Standard Plan Standard Plan Custom
  Webmin Control Panel
  DDOS Protection
  Protective Features        
  Price Freeze Guarantee
  99.5% Uptime Guarantee
  30 day money back Guarantee

Automatic Site Backup
(additional charges will apply)

Monthly Weekly Weekly Weekly
  Pricing Structure        
  Base Monthly Fee US$ 32.99 US$ 39.99 US$ 50.99 Custom
  12 Months (1 year) US$ 199.90 US$ 312.90 US$ 399.90 Custom
    Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now